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Toyota Hilux 2015+ GMF Performance 2.5 Series Shocks

Toyota Hilux 2015+ GMF Performance 2.5 Series Shocks

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GMF4x4 2.5 Series shocks for Toyota Hilux 4x4  (2015-2021) and (2021-2023)

Our Performance series shocks are a 2.5 inch Aluminium body.


Our shocks are adjustable ride height from 0inch lift to 3.5inch front lift.

Kit includes:
1x Pair front coilovers with pre fitted Eibach springs to what ride height your after.
1x Pair rear shocks.




Body – 2.5inch precision extruded and honed 7075-T6 Aluminium, Hard Oxidized for long lasting finish. *Dissipates heat 300% quicker than Steel. *Significantly stronger than steel.

External reservoir (RACE) – 2.5inch honed seamless 6061-T6 Aluminium, Anodized for long lasting..

Shaft –  Massive 23mm micro polished hardened chromed plated, Alloy steel.

Piston –  Machined Billet 6061-T6 Aluminium, Racing High flow piston.

Valving – Shim valving stacks to suit specific vehicles.

Seals – Shock Racing Seals from Japan

Bearings –  PTFE lined heat treated spherical bearings or Special Natural Rubber bushes AA75632 type.

Oil –  Special German advanced technology racing suspension fluid

Coil spring – Special Eibach spring steel coil.

Reservoir hose (RACE) – High pressure, anti kink abrasion resistant.


External Adjustments (RACE):

–  Compression/Rebound adjustment dial to increase or decrease shock force.
– Ride height adjustment on the preload seat from 1” to 3.5” Front ride height.


All Hilux will require swaybar relocation mounts and or sway bar links.


Maintenance –   Shocks need love too!
Like all off road racing style shocks, servicing and mantanance is needed.

Our shocks are made to be rebuilded and serviced, we recomdend servicing every 12-16 months depending on driving conditions and envireoment.


GMF4x4 pride ourselves on offering the best quality products we can, and our Suspension is no exception!
We have spent 3 years developing and prototyping our suspension here in Australia. We dont rush to market.




Why buy from GMF?

GMF is proud to introduce our new line of 2.5 body diameter series shocks. We have designed these from the ground up using the latest technology available to develop market leading PERFORMANCE  shocks.

Our journey to building a market leading high-performance shock began in mid-2016 with a focus on utilizing the highest quality, and latest CNC machining equipment. In order to create a product that we would be proud to put the GMF brand behind. We have taken our time during research and development to ensure quality instead of rushing to market with a sub-par product. Every single part of the shock is designed by us. In 2020 we are proud to finally launch our RACE Series shocks, aimed at competing with the high-range shocks in the market.


GMF shock bodies are 7075-T6 2.5 inch, giving more oil capacity, and larger piston size.
More oil capacity means less shock fade when you are off-road hitting the corrugations that heat up your shock. Aluminum shock bodies are stronger than steel, and can dissipate heat much quicker than steel. The downside to Aluminum bodies: they are a lot harder to machine and much more expensive than steel to produce.


As with all our products, GMF prioritizes quality. We bring you the best quality products through detailed research and development. A fact that is backed in review by our loyal long-term customers. We have invested significantly in our shocks, not only the massive financial investment but also with several Intellectual protections, to help keep our designs and visual characteristics unique.



*Disclaimer: GMF4x4 have many Designs, Patents and Trademarks registered in Australia and internationally.


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